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Ozzy Bubbles 17/08/10 Trial version English
  • Windows 95
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  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
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Ozzy Bubbles is a wonderfully crafted game, which takes you on a fantasy adventure to the underwater kingdom where 4 villains threaten and cause trouble to underwater inhabitants.

You will be able to explore 40 levels with superbly detailed environments, fight 12 types of monsters (including 4 bosses) and get 17 various bonuses.

The games graphic artistry, sound track and effects are nicely interwoven together to make a lively and spectacular play. This classic arcade gameplay and superb visual effects are sure to appeal to everybody!

In this game you assume the role of Ozzy, whose mission is to get through many labyrinths of levels and fight with the villains to save the underwater inhabitants from the impending danger.

To advance to the next level, it is necessary to collect several gate keys, which are kept by monsters guarding the gates. The monsters may attack suddenly, shoot bullets or deadly bubbles.

However some of them carry different bonuses, which make Ozzy invulnerable, faster and more skillful in fighting. Special magic bubbles help Ozzy to enrap the monsters and defeat them.

The game is challenging and fun both for children and adults, and may be played at home or in the office. Ozzys adventures immerse you into the fantasy atmosphere of the underwater kingdom and enable you to master your skills at gameplaying.

"Ozzy Bubble is a tremendous game."

Ozzy Bubble is a wonderful game. I like to play it, when i was a kid i daily used to play ozzy bubble game. I would like to save this full version in my laptop.

Thanks for your free version.

  • i like tne ozzy bubble most.

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27 Nov 2013
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